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Dasakam: 036 -- Shlokam: 06

शुक्रोज्जीविततातवाक्यचलितक्रोधोऽथ सख्या समं
बिभ्रद्ध्यातमहोदरोपनिहितं चापं कुठारं शरान् ।
आरूढ: सहवाहयन्तृकरथं माहिष्मतीमाविशन्
वाग्भिर्वत्समदाशुषि क्षितिपतौ सम्प्रास्तुथा: सङ्गरम् ॥६॥

Thy father was brought back to life by Shukraachaarya. When Thy father related the whole incident Thou were very angry. With Thy friend Akritavrana Thou meditated upon Mahodara who then equipped Thee with bow, arrows and the battle axe. Boarding the chariot with the horses and the charioteer, Thou entered Maahishmati. Even when the king was requested, he did not give the calf back, Thou started the battle.