Dasakam: 036 -- Shlokam: 09

भूयोऽमर्षितहेहयात्मजगणैस्ताते हते रेणुका-
माघ्नानां हृदयं निरीक्ष्य बहुशो घोरां प्रतिज्ञां वहन् ।
ध्यानानीतरथायुधस्त्वमकृथा विप्रद्रुह: क्षत्रियान्
दिक्चक्रेषु कुठारयन् विशिखयन् नि:क्षत्रियां मेदिनीम् ॥९॥

Overcome by rage at the killing of their father by Thee, the remaining sons of Kartaveeryarjuna killed Thy father in revenge. Unable to bear the sight of Thy mother Renuka, beating her breast and weeping for Thy father, Thou took a terrible oath to kill all Kshatriyas, who hated Brahmins. Through meditation, Thou acquired a chariot and weapons, and massacred all Kshatriyas with axe and arrows, clearing the earth of their presence in all directions.

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