Dasakam: 037 -- Shlokam: 04

ते मुग्धानिलशालिदुग्धजलधेस्तीरं गता: सङ्गता
यावत्त्वत्पदचिन्तनैकमनसस्तावत् स पाथोजभू: ।
त्वद्वाचं हृदये निशम्य सकलानानन्दयन्नूचिवा-
नाख्यात: परमात्मना स्वयमहं वाक्यं तदाकर्ण्यताम् ॥४॥

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On the shores of the milky ocean, fanned by the gentle breeze, they engaged in single minded meditation of Thy feet. Thou revealed Thy wish to Brahma, from within his heart and he told them that he had been spoken to by the Supreme Lord Himself, and asked them to listen to those words.