Dasakam: 037 -- Shlokam: 08

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गृह्णानश्चिकुरेषु तां खलमति: शौरेश्चिरं सान्त्वनै-
र्नो मुञ्चन् पुनरात्मजार्पणगिरा प्रीतोऽथ यातो गृहान् ।
आद्यं त्वत्सहजं तथाऽर्पितमपि स्नेहेन नाहन्नसौ
दुष्टानामपि देव पुष्टकरुणा दृष्टा हि धीरेकदा ॥८॥

The evil minded Kansa who had caught hold of Devaki by her hair did not let her go even after Vasudeva pleaded with him for a long time; finally he released her only after Vasudeva promised to give the children who would be born to him; , he was satisfied and went home. . As promised by Vasudeva, Thy first brother was duly given to him but Kamsa did not kill the child out of love. Oh Lord ! It is really strange that even the cruel-hearted are sometimes overcome with mercy.