Dasakam: 037 -- Shlokam: 09

तावत्त्वन्मनसैव नारदमुनि: प्रोचे स भोजेश्वरं
यूयं नन्वसुरा: सुराश्च यदवो जानासि किं न प्रभो ।
मायावी स हरिर्भवद्वधकृते भावी सुरप्रार्थना-
दित्याकर्ण्य यदूनदूधुनदसौ शौरेश्च सूनूनहन् ॥९॥

Then, sage Narada, in keeping with Thy wishes, went to the lord of Bhoja and told to the king of Bhoja, Kansa, that did he not know that his clan was of Asuras, whereas, the Yaadavas were Devas. Hari, the master of the Maayaa, will be born to kill him, as result of the prayers of the Devas. Hearing this, Kansa drove out the Yadavaas and killed the sons of Vasudeva

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