Dasakam: 038 -- Shlokam: 06

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देव प्रसीद परपूरुष तापवल्ली-
निर्लूनदात्रसमनेत्रकलाविलासिन् ।
खेदानपाकुरु कृपागुरुभि: कटाक्षै-
रित्यादि तेन मुदितेन चिरं नुतोऽभू: ॥६॥

Thou were praised with prayers for a long time by Vasudeva who was filled with joy, saying that 'O Lord! cut down the creeper of all my sorrows with Thy sharp sword like playful eyes. O Supreme Being! Remove all my sufferings with Thy side glances laden with compassion.'