Dasakam: 038 -- Shlokam: 07

[gd2]मात्रा च नेत्रसलिलास्तृतगात्रवल्या
स्तोत्रैरभिष्टुतगुण: करुणालयस्त्वम् ।
प्राचीनजन्मयुगलं प्रतिबोध्य ताभ्यां
मातुर्गिरा दधिथ मानुषबालवेषम् ॥७॥[/hd2]

And by Thy mother Devaki's tears whose delicate creeper like body was covered and made wet , Thy excellences were praised by hymns. Thou, the abode of mercy, then explained to them,Thy parents, about their two previous births. Then at the request of Thy mother Devaki, Thou assumed the form of a human infant child.

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