Dasakam: 039 -- Shlokam: 03

भटोत्करनिवेदितप्रसववार्तयैवार्तिमान् ।
विमुक्तचिकुरोत्करस्त्वरितमापतन् भोजरा-
डतुष्ट इव दृष्टवान् भगिनिकाकरे कन्यकाम् ॥३॥

The guards, whose sleep had been disturbed by the cries of Thy sister, ran to theBhoja king, Kamsa, to inform him of the birth of the baby. Kamsa, arrived there at once,with his hair all in disarray and his mind agitated by the news of the delivery, but wastotally confused and astonished at the sight of a girl baby, in his sister's hands.

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