Dasakam: 039 -- Shlokam: 04

ध्रुवं कपटशालिनो मधुहरस्य माया भवे-
दसाविति किशोरिकां भगिनिकाकरालिङ्गिताम् ।
द्विपो नलिनिकान्तरादिव मृणालिकामाक्षिप-
न्नयं त्वदनुजामजामुपलपट्टके पिष्टवान् ॥४॥

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Kansa decided that certainly this was a trick of the deceitful Vishnu that this girl was born. He pulled the infant away from his sister who had held her close in her arms, just as an elephant would pluck out a tender lotus stalk from a pond of lotus, and dashed Thy sister, Maya against a stone slab.