Dasakam: 043 -- Shlokam: 05

रोदोपकर्णनवशादुपगम्य गेहं
क्रन्दत्सु नन्दमुखगोपकुलेषु दीन: ।
त्वां दानवस्त्वखिलमुक्तिकरं मुमुक्षु-
स्त्वय्यप्रमुञ्चति पपात वियत्प्रदेशात् ॥५॥

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Hearing Yasoda's cries, the cowherds headed by Nanda, came there rushing and notfinding Thee, began to cry too. Meanwhile the tired demon wanted to to release Thee, who releases everyone's bondages. But when Thou did no let go of Thy hold of him, he fell down from the skies.