Dasakam: 043 -- Shlokam: 06

रोदाकुलास्तदनु गोपगणा बहिष्ठ-
पाषाणपृष्ठभुवि देहमतिस्थविष्ठम् ।
प्रैक्षन्त हन्त निपतन्तममुष्य वक्ष-
स्यक्षीणमेव च भवन्तमलं हसन्तम् ॥६॥

The gopas were exhausted by their crying and wailing. Then outside the house, they saw a huge and heavy body falling on the rock. What a wonder! On the chest of the dead body, they found Thee with a soft smile lying unscathed.

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