Annual Report - August -2011 - August -2012
There are 3810 members in one year!
More than 50 members are frequently posting to the forum
Most of the members are actively participating in all activities.
Now it is very easy to find what is New?
Very easy to follow all the contents by all members.

Averege page visits per day is : 1500 per month : 45000
Non members are also benefiting lot.
More than 1,50,000 visits obtained for our home page in one year.

I only had posted more than 1200 messages last year.

The very very important thing is search engine optimization :
You can search in by using any keyword such as upakarma 2012, Amavasai tarpanam etc
you will find our site is ranked in the 1st position for most of the key words related to brahmins.

And at the same time we have earned Rs.5000/- from google and about $ 400 from our members as donation or vadhyar sambhavana by which I can manage the server expenses etc.

Last year we have spent $350 to purchase the forum software.
First we have setup our site in ewebguru server by spending Rs. 4500/-
Later we found it is very slow and not capable for handling large members.
So, we shifted to linod server by paying $300 for vps (visual private server) hosting.
These are all the major expenses done last year.

If all members of vaideekam yahoo groups and other groups supports our forum
by posting a copy of the useful contents, it will make the forum very rich with contents
and more and more new brahmin members will also be benefited.

Disadvantges of yahoo groups.
We can not understand how many members read a particular post?
All messages will go to all members? There is no way to control to send a particular subject to particular group of members.
It is very hard to insert and format the pictures in your mail.
No way to insert a video.
Pdf also to be sent as attachment only. No way to preview the content of the pdf before download it. It will come to your mailbox automatically.

The only but a great advantage of yahoo group is, can read all the circulations by opening the mail box
and can reply by clicking reply button.
Here members have to use the browser instead of a mail client.
Previously it was too expensive to spend more time in online,
but now it is not at all a matter, mostly all are having the broad band connection.

Previously everything have to store in their local hard disk to use it later,
now it is not at all necessary for anybody except website holders, because
google is spitting tons of results in seconds for any of your electronic needs.

So, it is better to enjoy the stuffs online rather than storing them in our hard disk.
But it will take time to catch and keep this idea in practice.

I request all members, what else you want to know about this forum / website?
Also let me know, if you recommend a order of three members who should be awarded a cash prize of worth
Rs. 2000/-
Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 500/-
Note: Avoid selecting bmbcAdmin!

The below page is give for your kind consideration:

I request all to continue patronage and support.