Pullam Bhoothangudi Valvil Rama temple

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Pullam Bhoothangudi Valvil Rama Divya Desam
Jatayu Moksham
Rama performs the last rites for Eagle King Jatayu at Pullabhoothangudi

வெற்பால் மாறி பழுது ஆக்கி
விறல் வாள் அரக்கர் தலைவன் தன்

வற்பு ஆர் திரள் தோல் ஐந் நான்கும்
துனித்த வல் வில் ராமன் இடம்

கற்பு ஆர் புரிசை செய் குன்றம்
கவின் ஆர் கூடம் மாளிகைகள்
பொற்பு ஆர் மாடம் எழில் ஆறும்
புள்ள பூதங்குடி தானே

Located just under 10kms West of Kumbakonam and 3kms off Swami Malai on the Thiruvaikavur road between Cauvery and Coloroon rivers is the Valvil Rama temple in Pullam Bhoothangudi, a Divya Desam whose legendary tale dates back to Ramayana and described above by Thiru Mangai Azhvaar in his Periya Thirumozhi verse. This is the only Divya Desam where Rama is seen with conch and chakra in a Bala Sayanam Posture.

Adhanur Divya Desam is under a Km East of this temple.

Rama's presence at Pullam Bhoothangudi
The story goes that Rama, in search of Sita, arrives in Pullabhoothangudi to the cries of the Eagle King Jataayu, who was in his last breath.

The Eagle King, an old friend of King Dasharatha (father of Rama) had fought a valiant battle trying to rescue Sita from Raavana, before the Lankan king finally cut off both the wings of the fighting bird. Lying in pain and unable to fly any further, the bird breathed its last uttering the words " Rama Rama" and informing him that Sita had been taken away by Raavana.

Pithru Saabha Nivarthi

Legend has it that Rama, who had not been able to perform the last rites for his father as he was away in the forest, derived some consolation by performing Jatayu's obsequies and giving moksham to the Bird. In the Ramayana, this episode is referred to as the death of the second father. It is believed that those who failed to perform last rites for their father (parents) will get liberation from their 'parental curse' (Pithru Saabham Nivarthi) if they visit this temple.

While performing the last rites, Raama felt the absence of Sita. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi came out of the Golden Lotus temple tank to stand by his side while he performed the last rites for the bird. Hence, Thaayar at this temple is called Potraamaraiyaal.

Thiru Mangai Azhvaar misses Rama's presence

Thirumangai, who passed this way, found a person relaxing in a sleeping posture under the tree , and walked away mistaking him for a Kshatriya. On turning back, he found Raama in his 'Full Divine Form'- with Conch- Disc and four hands.

Thirumangai refers to this episode in his Periya Thiru Mozhi Pasuram on Pullam Bhoothangudi:

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அறிவதறியான் அணைத்து உலகும் உடையான்
என்னை யாழ் உடையான்
குரிய மானி யாருவாய,
கூத்தன் மன்னி யமிருமிடம்

நறிய மலர்மேல் சுரும் பார்க்க
எழிலார் மஞ் னஞ நடமாட
பொறிகொள் சிறை வண்டிசை பாடும்
புள்ளம் பூதங்குடி தானே.

This is the only temple where Raama is in a reclining posture with all his ornaments and 4 hands. Sita is not seen with the Moolavar deity as this temple relates to the time when Raama is separated from her.

Prarthana Sthalam

Many devotees are believed to have got employment after visiting Yoga Narasimha Sannidhi at this temple, so much so that the devotees have named it the Udyoga Narasimha.

Parikara Sthalam -Buthan
This is a Parikara Sthalam dedicated to Buthan (Mercury)

Temple Administration

Pullam Bhoothangudi Divya Desam is administered by Ahobila Mutt.

Quick Facts

Moolavar :Valvil Rama East Facing Bhujanga Sayanam
Goddess :Potramaraiyaal

Azhvaar :Thiru Mangai Azhvaar 10 Paasurams in Periya Thiru Mozhi

Temple Time : 730am-1230pm and 4pm-730pm
Priest : Gopalan Bhattachar @ 94435 25365

How to reach
Local Bus Nos. 12 and 30 ply from Kumbakonam to Pullam Bhoothangudi (via Swami Malai) on way to Thiruvaikavoor

Where to stay
Staying facilities available at Ahobila Mutt Guest House next to the temple
A number of economical and deluxe hotels are available in Kumbakonam