Dasakam: 045 -- Slokam: 03

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अनुसरति जनौघे कौतुकव्याकुलाक्षे
किमपि कृतनिनादं व्याहसन्तौ द्रवन्तौ ।
वलितवदनपद्मं पृष्ठतो दत्तदृष्टी
किमिव न विदधाथे कौतुकं वासुदेव ॥३॥

Oh Vaasudeva ! How great all the people who followed with indulgent,expectant looks, Thee and Thy brother, as the two of Thee crawling rapidly, and gurgling softly, turned Thy lotuslike faces and smiled charmingly at them. . What incredible joyful excitement Thou caused when Thou did so!