Dasakam: 045 -- Slokam: 04

द्रुतगतिषु पतन्तावुत्थितौ लिप्तपङ्कौ
दिवि मुनिभिरपङ्कै: सस्मितं वन्द्यमानौ ।
द्रुतमथ जननीभ्यां सानुकम्पं गृहीतौ
मुहुरपि परिरब्धौ द्राग्युवां चुम्बितौ च ॥४॥

As Thou two moved fast, the two of Thee would fall down and get mudstained; Thytwo mothers would come rushing there and cradling Thee both lovingly in their arms,would kiss and caress Thee both repeatedly The taintless sages in heaven, saw these pranks and smiled at Thee and saluted Thee worshipfully.

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