Papa hara dasami
Brahmapuranam says:
ज्येष्ठे मासि सिते पक्षे दशमी हस्तसंयुता ।
हरते दश पापानि तस्माद् दशहरा स्मृता ॥
"Dasami day of Sukla Paksha in Jyeshtha month, if combined with Hasta Nakshatra, destroys ten sins; hence that day is called 'Dasa-hara'."
We are fortunate to have such a combination on Tuesday, 14th June 2016. Even our Panchangam in Tamil lists 'Papahara Dasami' on this day. Bath in Ganga, Puja of Ganga and Danam on this day are very much recommended in Puranas.
The ten cardinal sins (three-bodily; four-by words; three- by mind) are listed in Manusmriti and Skanda Puranam:

अदत्तानां-उपादानं हिंसा चैवाविधानतः । परदारोपसेवा च शारीरं त्रिविधं स्मृतम् ॥
पारुष्यं-अनृतं चैव पैशुन्यं चापि सर्वशः । असम्बद्ध-प्रलापश्च वाङ्मयं स्याच्चतुर्विधम् ॥
परद्रव्यॆष्व्-अभिध्यानं मनसानिष्ट-चिन्तनम् । वितथाभिनिवेशश्च त्रिविधं कर्म मानसम् ॥

"The three bodily sins are: taking property of others, not given to one, violence not permitted in Sastra, and union with another's wife.
The four sins of speech are: harshness, falsehood, speaking of another's faults in his absence, and useless and irrelevant talk.
The three sins of mind are: planning to take away other's property, thinking of undesirable happenings for others, and atheistic attitude.

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