Every year vinyaka chathurthy falls on aavani month. why this year fourth day after amavasai is today ( 21-8-2012) . it is not celebrated and all panchangams are telling it is on 19-9-2012. Today the charthy thithi is only upto 3 P.M. On 19-9- 2012 the thithi is ending after 12 night.

All subha karyams should be celebrated on the dates in which the thithi or star must be from morning till 8 P.M. thithi dwayam or nakshathra dwayam should not be there on that day. as per this rule vinayaka chathurthy falls on 19-9-2012.

For this clean the house and frontage,with water and draw kolams and with kavi, in frontage and in the pooja place. and also in a small wooden plank. place the idol of lord ganesa (Thumbikai alwar) made of clay which is available in the market and perform pooja.

You may also use table or teapoy for decorating it with mango leaves ,thoranam, plantain saplings etc. erukkam poo garlands are also available in the markets on that day. you can also adore ganesa with erukkam poo maalai. and paper umberla if available

Rahu kalam on that day( as this is on wednesday this year ) is from 12 to 1-30 and yama kandam 7-30 to 9 AM you can start pooja from 9 am onwards. Kuthu vilaku and pooja materails ganesa idols if any must be cleaned and polished the previous day

prepare a cotton thoranam in cotton ( draw a small length of raw cotton with kumkum applied in 10 places approximately.). prepare pillayar vasthram a small piece which are also available in markets.

For neivedhyam five varieties of kolukattai (coconut, black gram dhall, gingilly seeds, sweet and kaara kolukattai., Raw rice idlis, vadai, payasam and maha neivedhyam.some people will also prepare appam and elluurundai.Besides this, betel, betelnut, plantain fruit, coconut, naval fruit, guava fruit, wood apple, country apple and tender cucumber.

On the next day you have to do punar pooja with thaamboolam, fruits and maha neivedhyam. and keep the the ganesan in north side. Then it will be immersed in water in a well, tank, or river, or place it in a near by temple. For pooja use vilvam leaves, arugam grass, arali, maru kolundu, javundhi, semparuthy, etc.

You may use thulasi for archana only on this day. on all other days you should not use thulasi for vinayakar. You can use the following leaves and flowers for archanai. Leaves of maasi pachai, kandan kathri, vilwam,arugan, oomathai, elandai, naayuruvi, thulasi, mango, arali, vishnugranthy, nelli, marukolundu, nochi, jathipoo, white erukkam elai, vanni, karisilankanni, ven marudhai,

you may use the following flowers : punnai, erukku, maadhulai,magilampoo, vetti ver,paathiry, thumbai, oomathai,shenbagapoo, mango; thaalampoo. erukku, arali, vilwam, senkaluneer, jathi poo, mullai, mallikai, pavala malli.

for vinayagar chathurthy vratham one has to start from this day to one year , in every month sukla patcha chathurthy day they have to do pooja like this. Next year only on vinayaka charthy day udhyaapanam of sukla chathurthy vratham must be done, Only after finishing this vratham they are eligible to do soma vaara arasa mara pradhakshinam, and after have had udhyaapana pooja of soma vaara amavasai arasa mara pradhakshinam they are eligible for doing Rishi panchami vratham,

On the chathurthy day after full moon sankata hara chaththurthy pooja can be done every evening on krishna patcha chathurthy day .For This vratham also after the completion of one year monthly pooja. udhyapanam must be done.

no homam for sukla chathurthy vratham , only on udhyapanam day vinayakar homam must be done. After udhyaapanam you need not do every month and as usual you have to do pooja on vinayaka chathurthy day.

For udhyaapanam silver vinayakar idol small size must be kept near the brass kudam (kalasam) and perform poojas and homams .pancha dhaanam must be done. The small vinayakar idol must be given as charity to the priest. Pancha dhaanams are: 9x5 cotton dhoty, bell, religious book, vessel (brass- one litre capacity minimum) with water and one deepam litted and the light facing you must be given as dhaanam.and meals for sastrigals. Dakshinai to sastrigals.

REQUIREMENTS; Turmeric powder 100 grams, kumkumam 10 gram, sandal wood powder 10 gram, camphor, oothu bathi, betel; betelnuts; plantain fruits, other fruits. flowers. uthiri and thodutha pushpam, aasana palagai or thadukku, dhoopa kall ,deepa kall. ;bell; kuthu vilaku. gingilly oil, thiri, match box, knief, coconuts

for udhyaapanam one brass kudam, one brass sombu, silver vinayagar idol; small quantity of pachai kalpooram, vettyver, elakai, krambu and one vasthram for kalasam, haram one for kalasam and one for kartha. raw rice 1 kilo, green gram 500 grams; mango leaf bunch 2 nos. coconut 4 nos; plantsin leaves 4; paaku mattai dhonnai and plates 6 nos, for neivedhyam vadai; payasam, raw rice idlies, appam, athirasam kolukattai;, , ghee for homam 1 kilo/ asta dravyam for homam, as in ganapathy homam.

only tiffin on that night for the kartha.


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