Dasakam: 045 -- Slokam: 09

मम खलु बलिगेहे याचनं जातमास्ता-
मिह पुनरबलानामग्रतो नैव कुर्वे ।
इति विहितमति: किं देव सन्त्यज्य याच्ञां
दधिघृतमहरस्त्वं चारुणा चोरणेन ॥९॥

Oh Lord ! In the house of Mahaabali I had to go begging. Let that be. Here now in front of these ladies I am not going to do so again.' O Lord! Thus deciding Thou gave up begging for curd and ghee etc and resorted to pleasantly stealing and butter through Thy ingenious tricks in in clever delightful ways.

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