Dasakam: 045 -- Slokam:10

तव दधिघृतमोषे घोषयोषाजनाना-
मभजत हृदि रोषो नावकाशं न शोक: ।
हृदयमपि मुषित्वा हर्षसिन्धौ न्यधास्त्वं
स मम शमय रोगान् वातगेहाधिनाथ ॥१०॥

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Oh Gurvayurappa ! The gopis bore no ill will toward Thee for stealing their curds and butter and they were never angry or unhappy for that, because Thou had stolen their hearts and drowned them in the ocean of bliss. May Thou of such divine acts, save me from disease