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My mother passed away on 14th June, Tuesday , Dasami Thithi , Vaigasi month, Shukla Paksham. I am the elder kartha and my birth star is Magam. Kindly any one please share the relevant dates for 27th day oonam, sodha khumbam, masiyam and 45th day oonam. My vadhyar has given 11/07/2016 as the 27th day oonam(actually 11th is 28th day)citing my birth star on 10th July. I understand Magam falls on 8th July. I am nit clear .

Also could some one let me know if I could do only the 27th Oonam and 45th oonam, and all other masiyam/sodhakhumbam together on 6th month and then on varshapthigam dates?

Urgent response will be of great help.