Adiyen SriHemalatha Dhasasyai Ezhuduvadhu

This website seems to be very useful for people like us. Actually I have a silver Lakshmi idol about 2 inches height sitting one bought from Bombay. I Do recite sristuthi and archanai daily with flowers. I use to keep santhanam and kungumam every friday. I do not do any thirumanjanam and all.

My doubts are

1. Whether ladies can do abhishekam? If so with what we can do like milk, sandhanam,etc...

2. Can we do it every day or fridays or on auspicious days only?

3. What specific prasadam for Lakshmi to be prepared on those days?

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4. Whether we can keep such a big idol in our house?

5. With what material can we wash the idol - like seeyakai or pitambari powder or lemon etc... can we use coconut scrubber to wash the idol?

I would be happy if I am given the answer for the same. For the past 7 years I have the same. Daily I light a villaku with cow's ghee..

Thank you

Hema Hayavadanan