Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 07

कुहचिद्वनमम्बुधि: क्वचित् क्वचिदभ्रं कुहचिद्रसातलम् ।
मनुजा दनुजा: क्वचित् सुरा ददृशे किं न तदा त्वदानने ॥७॥

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]div5]At that time, in Thy mouth what not was seen by Yashodaa? She saw in your open mouth , in one place forests, In another place sea , yet another place the sky,In yet another place nether world, men asuras and devas,And there was nothing that she was not able to see in your mouth ,For all the fourteen worlds and their things were there.[/div5]