Dasakam: 48 -- Nalakubara and Manigriva
Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 01

मुदा सुरौघैस्त्वमुदारसम्मदै-
रुदीर्य दामोदर इत्यभिष्टुत: ।
मृदुदर: स्वैरमुलूखले लग-
न्नदूरतो द्वौ ककुभावुदैक्षथा: ॥१॥

Thou were joyfully named Daamodara by the group of sages who were watching Thee with great happiness, and they praised and glorified Thee. Thou who with a tender belly were attached to the mortar, saw two Kakubha (Arjuna) trees not far away.

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