Varnashrama dharmas

1. Dharma (Rules) to be followed by a wife
Even if a Bartha (Husband) is poor, or has disease, or even if not intelligent or stupid (Moorkan), if a wife insults him, then she frequently gets a birth of a Dog or Pig and suffers.
If for any reason a Stri (Wife) has to observe any of Vratham (Pious duty), she should always do it with the permission of her husband. If she performs any of pious duty (Vratham) without her Husband's permission, then such an activity reduces the life of her husband. She also goes to hell.
If a pativratha (A wife who is steadfast by mind, body and soul to her husband), keeps performing pati sishrusha (Services to her husband) consistently then no sin touches her in this world or in other worlds.
Dharma to be followed by a Pregnant Lady (Garbhini Stri)
A pregnant lady should never remain in a confused state of mind
She should not reside in an unclean, unhygienic and impure environment
She should not sit or relax in a place where there is Ural or Ulakkai
She should not spend time by continuously sitting or standing or sleeping for a long time.
She should not be anywhere near a kanapu chatti or Pot full of ashes (Vipudhi Paanai)
She should not get into a river or pond to take bath
She should not handle coalfire or wood fire or any kitchen related fire.
She should not talk aloud or laugh aloud. She should also not go near any tree or stay under tree shade.
2. Dharma (Rules) to be followed by a widow - Vidhava Dharmam
A widow should eat once a day.
She should always sleep on floor and not on bed.
She should never use scents or any fragrance like sandal paste
She should never take thaamboolam (Betel leaves). Betel leaves are consumed after lunch or dinner by Grihasta (Men and Women)
A widow should not wear sacred threads like Rudraksha or Tulasi Mala or its equivalent.
If a widow sleeps in a comfortable bed or bed, she causes extreme harm to her husband in pitru lokam or para lokam. Due to this a widow who seeks comfort for her husband in Paralokam should always sleep on the floor.
The ultimate dharma for a widow is to meditate upon and worship Sriman Narayana and meditate upon her husband who is a Vishnu Swaroopi.
3. Rules as to when Abhivadhanam should Not be done with Namaskaaram
When a Bhramana or Bhramachari encounters a River, A sacred Sabha (Gathering), Sacred Trees, Sacred Agni, Sanyasi he should prostrate before them completely (Saashtanga Namaskaram). Even in that case, Abhivadhanam should not be told to them
After prostrating to women (Saashtanga Namaskaram) a Bhramana should not recite Abhivadhanam.
END OF Varnashrama Dharma Kandam.

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