Dasakam: 050 -- Shlokam: 01

तरलमधुकृत् वृन्दे वृन्दावनेऽथ मनोहरे
पशुपशिशुभि: साकं वत्सानुपालनलोलुप: ।
हलधरसखो देव श्रीमन् विचेरिथ धारयन्
गवलमुरलीवेत्रं नेत्राभिरामतनुद्युति: ॥१॥

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Oh Gracious Lord ! Along with Balarama and other friends started walking in VrindavanaWhich was very pretty and full of hoards of honey bees,And being interested in grazing the darling calves,You wandering aboutwith Balarama, and other cowherd children, ardently tending thecalves, along with horn , flute and a stick made of cane was a sight most pleasing to the eyes.