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Every grihastha is supposed to do aupasanam from the day he gets married till the end of his life. For some reason and constraints, it is not followed nowadays. I have a few questions regarding this.

1. If someone has not been doing aupasanam and wants to do it, I understand that he can start it by doing vichinna agni santhanam once and then aupasanam on a twice a day basis. Correct me if I am wrong.
2. Once a grihastha starts aupasanam, how many days can his wife do aupasanam in his absence (due to travel or illness).
3. If a grihastha travels to a far away place, it is near to impossible to carry the agni he has created during aupasanam. In this case does he need to do agni santhanam again in the new place or is there an alternative procedure.
4. Is there a difference between agni santhanam and vichinna agni santhanam?
5. Can aupasanam be performed when the ladies in the house have rajaswala period?
6. Please can someone provide the procedure to perform vichinna agni santhanam and aupasanam?

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