A day before the annual ceremony, wash and clean the grinder, mixie, iron pestle, sieve, vegetable cutter/ Aruvaamanai ,winnow, planks for the sastrigals, gas stove etc.wash the kitchen room floor. Keep ready a few pieces of cow dung cakes, fire wood chips; some sand, rice husk, 6 bricks, or homa kundam. Wash and clean the house well. Vegetables can be cut into pieces , either in the previous day evening or in the early hours of the ceremony day.

Keep ready , four or five brass cups ready.for performing "homam" From the raw rice kept soaked for preparing the cooked rice , keep three teaspoons separately in a brass cup. Keep also 2 teaspoon ful of gingilly seeds (black) in another brass cup. Keep a handful of thulasi in another brass cup. another one for sandal paste and another one for water.Keep ready the sandal wood piece and morter. 100 grams of ghee is required for homam . which may be kept separately.

Keep ready in 2 cups gingilly oil and in 2 cups soapnut powder (seekaai thool) for the 2 sastrigals to take oil bath. supply them hot water to take oil bath, bucket, mug etc. In some families ellnurundai and thaamboolam wil be given to the sastrigals. Before oilbath they will take it. Keep in a plate about 25 tender betel leaves and 20 betel nuts., 2 cloves and 2 cardamam. Wash and clean the fruits purchased for the ceremony. Wash the plantain leaves.

Keep 3 sets of these fruits in a tray ready to serve.keep the honey bottle ready. prepare hot water for them to drink and keep it ready.You may powder cardamam and mix this with the drinking hot water. keep a bucket of water and a brass sombu in the place where you are going to wash the legs of sastrigals. If such things are kept ready well in advance , no item will be missed. Keep ready some camphor for homam, match box, and visiri.

Melt one cup of pure ghee and keep it ready with a spoon. On the morning of the ceremony, wash the clothes and squeeze water out of it.After bath, again soak it in water and dry in the sun. On rainy days wash and dry the clothes of the persons who will be performing the ceremony the previous night itself. For the clothes which you are going to give to sastrigals wash and squeeze the clothes in the morning of the ceremony day.

When the sastrigals are taking the meals, after serving curd, take a small coconut sized ball of cooked rice for ""Vaayasa Pindam"" ( to be offered to the crows) roll it into a ball and keep it on a brass plate along with some loose cooked rice. ( See that the balls do not crumble while handling . To prevent such crumbling while rolling into a ball dip the fingers in the payasam and prepare the ball.

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Keep also in another bras plate, six small lime sized balls of cooked rice while rolling into a ball after dipping the fingers in curd and prepare the balls.also place one vadai and one athirasam ,2 betel leaves and 2 betel nuts for neivedhyam This is for "pinda Pradhanam|" to be continued