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Dasakam: 054 -- Slokam: 03

तस्मिन् काले कालिय: क्ष्वेलदर्पात्
सर्पाराते: कल्पितं भागमश्नन् ।
तेन क्रोधात्त्वत्पदाम्भोजभाजा
पक्षक्षिप्तस्तद्दुरापं पयोऽगात् ॥३॥

At that time, Kaaliya the serpent was full of pride due to the power of his poison. He ate away the offerings set apart for Garuda, the enemy of serpents. Angered at this Garuda who is devoted to Thy lotus feet, attacked him with his wings and chased him. So Kaaliya took refuge in that part of the river Kaalindi, which was out of bounds for Garuda, due to the sage's curse.