Dasakam: 054 -- Slokam: 07

किं किं जातो हर्षवर्षातिरेक:
सर्वाङ्गेष्वित्युत्थिता गोपसङ्घा: ।
दृष्ट्वाऽग्रे त्वां त्वत्कृतं तद्विदन्त-
स्त्वामालिङ्गन् दृष्टनानाप्रभावा: ॥७॥

The cow herd boys wondering “What is this?Why is there a great joy which cools our body”Stood up and seeing you in front of them,And remembering the other divine acts that you did,And having understood that this also is your sport,Came running to you and hugged you.

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