Dasakam: 060 -- Slokam: 02

तव नामकथारता: समं सुदृश: प्रातरुपागता नदीम् ।
उपहारशतैरपूजयन् दयितो नन्दसुतो भवेदिति ॥२॥

[link]tava naama kathaarataaH samaM sudR^ishaH praatarupaagataa nadiim |
upahaara shatairapuujayan dayitO nandasutO bhavediti || 2[/lionk]

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Their minds intent on chanting Thy names and stories, these charming maidens, would congregate on the river bank at dawn, and worshiping the goddess with hundreds of offerings, pray to her that Nanda's son, Krishna, may become their husband.