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    Default Heartfelt thanks to Dr. NVS

    Dear Brahminsnet users,

    Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
    JaiHind! Feel free to post whatever you think useful, legal or humer! Click here to Invite Friends

    It is my pleasure to share my experience to create a Abthapoorthi Ayushya Homam invitation with all of you.

    I knew only 2 weeks prior to my daughter's Abthapoorthi Ayushya Homam day that I have to all the necessary work and living overseas has its own constraints, especially to design and create an invitation that I have to send in advance to the invitees for RSVP purposes.

    I doodled and found a thread here with an old post (2011) provided by Dr. NVS. So, I posted a query which was promptly responded by him. He also took the initiative to design the invitation that is rightly apt for my family and also provided it to me in 1 day! This has remarkably helped me in doing the next steps. Today-5 Jan, I am passing on my heartfelt thanks to have completed this laborious task, in spite of him having to travel the next day for his father's annual ceremony.

    He has declined to take my contribution and offered it as a gift to my daughter, but I have nevertheless made the contribution now. I pray the divine force is with him in his endeavors at all times for this self less service.

    PS- I am not gifted to write in a poetry or flattering style but I am sure you are able to sense my gratefulness here.

    Warm regards,
    Sydney, Australia
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