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Thread: Looking Back - Upanishad

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    Default Looking Back - Upanishad

    Looking Back:

    I have no particular subject or issue to write. As a person who had walked the distance of life for eight decades, I intend posting all that pass through my mind time to time.
    I would like to start my writing with the words of that great Greek Philosopher, Socrates “ True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you smartest of all“.

    When you pass through The Three phases of Life, “Childhood, Youth and Married Life” you feel that you have completed your busy life of taking care of your so called responsibilities, your mind and body gets the rest that you yearn for. When the “Mind” is at peace, you start seeing the purpose of Life clearly. The purpose of Life is “Nothing”, yes Sir, we have not done anything in the world to add or subtract from the Creator's intentions of this world. What ever anybody claims to have done is only the re-arrangement of what was and is there.

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    Well, to continue, I always believe that the discussion of any Subject of Serious nature should be done on equal level, like conversation among friends, to obtain positive results.. Otherwise it will turn to be a debate. Any debate will be the death of conversation. Even the Great "Bhagavat Geeta" was declared as "Samvada" (discussion at equal level ) between Sri Krishna and Arjuna. Now to continue the discussion of the subject, let us go to another source, "Upanishads". I admit, my knowledge on the subject is elementary,mostly gathered from Books and Lectures available to me. Nothing in this I can claim as original from me. In that I am like a tiny ant which tried to nibble a little here and little there on a big sweet to enjoy the taste. It is just a layman's view.

    The subject is a vast ocean. For generations, many Great Sages and Prophets had spent their whole life to find " Who is behind all these Creation and for what purpose?" And they have left a lot of material to guide the future generations. One among them is "Upanishad". "Upa-nishad" literally means "to sit near / down". otherwise "Upanishad" is to be learnt at the feet of learned Acharya or Guru. "Upanishads" form the part of "Vedas" and they are considered "Vedanta" or "ultimate of knowledge". They mainly deal with origin of Universe, the nature of "Brahman" and the "jeevatma", the relation between mind and matter. The exposition reaching to the highest metaphysical state. By their unique characteristics of universality and total absence any dogmatism," Upanishads" are considered highest philosophy ever conceived by human mind. Let me give a sample how "Kena Upanishad" belonging to "Sama Veda" tries to approach the subject
    CH: I(1) The disciple asked: By whose will directed does the mind proceeds to its object? At whose command does the prana (life force), the foremost, do its duty? By whose will men utter speech? who is the God that directs the eyes and ears?
    CH: I(3-4) The eye does not go thither, nor speech, nor mind. We do not know it, we do not understand how any one can teach it. It is different from the known, It is above the unknown. Thus we have heard from the preceptors of ancient who taught it to us.
    We can see the humility with which the learned Sages approach the subject. I wish all of us should spare some time to study these treasure of knowledge.
    When I started writing this post, I never thought about the subject to write. But I was thrilled when a Friend queried " Are you sure that a God exists?" Indeed this put the seed in my mind to develop a subject to think. Our own Great thinker and Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) said "Doubt is a precious thing, it cleanses and purifies the mind, the very questioning, the very fact that the seed of doubt is in one, helps to clarify our investigations." I am an ardent admirer of J.Krishnamurti. (Since J.K. was against creation of following I do not use the word follower ). Like Bhagwan Ramana Mahrishi and Nisrgadatta Maharaj, he encouraged the person to question himself and find the answer. But I wish to stress that the Doubt should be real, arising out of thirst for finding an answer, not frivolous one. An open mind, like that of a child's, is the precious gift of birth as a human being. As a grand father I used to watch the mind of my beloved grand children, when they question me on various things that they observe. Then I understood how much of muck have gathered in my mind all these years due to wasteful exposure to unwanted things around me. Now can I think or listen straight and enjoy good Music without comparing within my mind. Next I intend to nibble a morsel from another great "Upanishad" which tells a beautiful story of charming young and intelligent boy named Nachiketas, who queries no less a person than Lord Yama Dharma, and drags him into a dialogue about Life and Death.

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