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Dasakam: 061 -- Slokam: 09

आदाय भोज्यान्यनुगृह्य ता: पुन-
स्त्वदङ्गसङ्गस्पृहयोज्झतीर्गृहम् ।
विलोक्य यज्ञाय विसर्जयन्निमा-
श्चकर्थ भर्तृनपि तास्वगर्हणान् ॥९॥

Accepting their offerings for food, Thou blessed them. They were always desirous of having physical contact with Thee and so abondoned their houses. Seeing this, Thou sent them back to conduct the Yagya rituals properly. Thou also rendered their husbands free from any ill feelings towards them.