Dasakam:62 Slokam:1

कदाचिद्गोपालान् विहितमखसम्भारविभवान्
निरीक्ष्य त्वं शौरे मघवमदमुद्ध्वंसितुमना: ।
विजानन्नप्येतान् विनयमृदु नन्दादिपशुपा-
नपृच्छ: को वाऽयं जनक भवतामुद्यम इति ॥१॥

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Oh God who was born in the clan of Surasena,Once you saw the Gopas collecting things to perform a Yaga,And deciding to put an end to the pride of Indra,In spite of knowing all about it asked Nanda and others, cowherds,“Oh father , What, about the purpose of these preparations.?