Dasakam: 062 -- Slokam: 02

बभाषे नन्दस्त्वां सुत ननु विधेयो मघवतो
मखो वर्षे वर्षे सुखयति स वर्षेण पृथिवीम् ।
नृणां वर्षायत्तं निखिलमुपजीव्यं महितले
विशेषादस्माकं तृणसलिलजीवा हि पशव: ॥२॥

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Nanda replied that every year a sacrifice needed to be performed to propitiate Indra, He gives happiness to the earth by rain. The livelyhood of all human beings on earth depends on rain. Especially so for us, because our cattle live on grass and water alone.'