Dasakam: 062 -- Slokam: 04

इदं तावत् सत्यं यदिह पशवो न: कुलधनं
तदाजीव्यायासौ बलिरचलभर्त्रे समुचित: ।
सुरेभ्योऽप्युत्कृष्टा ननु धरणिदेवा: क्षितितले
ततस्तेऽप्याराध्या इति जगदिथ त्वं निजजनान् ॥४॥

Thou said to Thy people,'this is true that the cows are the wealth of our tribe. This mountain (Govardhana) provides them with their requisite grass and water. So the offerings should be made to the mountain. The holy men on the earth are indeed greater than the gods, so they also deserve to be worshipped.'

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