Narayaneeyam asakam-63; Lifting Mount Govardhana

"Father, we have no towns, countries, territories, villages or houses to call our homes. We are forest-dwellers, living in jungles or on mountains. It is the mountain Govardhana that gives us fruits and food. It’s on its slopes that our cattle graze; therefore, why don’t you worship Govardhana instead? Let us now initiate a ritual sacrifice for the propitiation of cows, Brahmins and Mount Govardhana. It can be accomplished with the very materials for Indra’s sacrifice. all seniors of Vrindavana happily accepted them and set out to worship the supremely auspicious mountain Govardhana. Nanda and other Gopas approved what Krishna said. They did everything in accordance with Sri Krishna's instructions. They made offerings to the cows, to the Brahmins and to the hill Govardhana .Brahmins started chanting sacred mantras and the young cowherds, friends of Krishna started to carry water from the river Yamuna to bathe Govardhana.

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They went round the hill. Krishna said, "I am the Hill." Sri Krishna assumed another gigantic form and manifested Himself on the top of the hill in order to confirm the faith of the Gopas. He told the people that He was the deity presiding over the mountain. He then began to consume the offerings that were made to the Hill.Indra became extremely angry with Nanda and the other Gopas. He sent forth his clouds and winds and there were rains, thunder and hail-storms in Brindavan. Krishna lifted up the Govardhana hill with one hand and the people of Brindavan with their cows took shelter beneath the mountain. There was continuous rain for seven days. Sri Krishna held up the hill for seven days continuously without moving an inch.

Indra was quite amazed. His pride was destroyed. He withdrew the clouds and winds. The Gopas went to their own places with their cows and property. Sri Krishna set down the mountain in its original place. The Gopas were struck with wonder. They came to Nanda and said, "This boy of seven years uprooted the Govardhana hill from the earth and held it up with one hand continuously for seven days. This marvellous feat cannot be done by an ordinary man. Your son is certainly the Lord of all Lords. He is the Atman of all beings." Indra and Surabhi came down from Heaven. Indra fell at the feet of Sri Krishna and glorified Him. Indra said, "Thou art the father, the preceptor and the supreme Lord of all the worlds. In order to fulfil the desires of your devotees, you assume a personal form at your own will.
Those who like myself are ignorant and are conceited as rulers of the world, get cured of their pride and touch of haughtiness by Thy grace and Darshan. They then take to the path of devotion. O Lord, each of your acts is intended for the punishment and correction of the wicked. I disregarded you as I was intoxicated with the pride of wealth and power. I was devoid of pure understanding, discretion, and discrimination, and so I was ignorant of your greatness. O Lord, forgive me! Grant me pure intellect. Free me from my pride. Salutations unto Thee again and again."

Krishna said to him, "O Indra! I did you a great favour by causing a break in your Yajna. You were extremely proud of your position and power and so you forgot Me. I did this in order to make you remember Me. Power and position produce intoxication in men and Devas. They become haughty. They are rendered blind by power and position. If I wish to do favour to any one, I take away his powers and wealth. O Indra! Go to your celestial abode and do your duties in a satisfactory manner. Abandon pride completely. Follow my commandments. Try to realise constantly My presence. May you be happy!"said Krishna.