Dasakam: 063 -- Slokam: 04

तदनु गिरिवरस्य प्रोद्धृतस्यास्य तावत्
सिकतिलमृदुदेशे दूरतो वारितापे ।
परिकरपरिमिश्रान् धेनुगोपानधस्ता-
दुपनिदधदधत्था हस्तपद्मेन शैलम् ॥४॥

Then Thou held aloft the lifted up mountain with Thy lotus like arm. The soft sand bed of the mountain was well protected from the rain water. The cows and cowherds all gathered under the uplifted mountain along with their belongings and were also well protected.

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