Pithru Yajna –as Inevitable as Air to Breathe!

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Yajnas are commonly done in worship of some God and pithru yajnas are offered to our ancestors. They are considered as sacrifices and are inevitable oblations which have to be performed by the progeny of a family. A good shraddham services centre can help one achieve the desired outputs of performing the ritual without losing its sanctity.

What is pitru yagna or shraddha?

Any yagna is an action of a person who derives benefits out of performing that ritual. There are yagnas performed for invoking Gods and pitru yagna is done to pay homage to one’s ancestors through oblations or shraddham.

Shraddha is the way one remembers his ancestors and showcases his gratitude to them. By doing so, one is able to seek his ancestors’ blessings and get over the ill effects caused by the blocking ancestral karmas. The pleased ancestors bless the karta with progeny, health, and prosperity in life.

Pithru Yajna –as Inevitable as Air to Breathe!

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