Last moments of maha swamigal narrated by kumaresan mama

January 8th 1994, Kumaresan Mama takes us back in time -

"January 7th was Ekadashi. Periyaval was on complete Upavasam, but we forced Him to have some kanji. The whole night He was on drips, as He was not keeping well for quite some time. All of us were sleeping around Him. I was holding His hand the whole night as the drips were on. Dr. Sridhar & Bhaskar were also there.
Next day was Dwadashi, Anusham. HE woke up at 3am. HE was unusually energetic, loud voice. He was recognising everybody by names. HE said he was hungry. We gave Him some kanji. Then Jayendra swamiji along with Bangalore Hari came to prostrate Periyaval. Periyaval asked Jayendra swamiji if finished the pooja. He replied that he was going to do. Periyaval told him to keep doing the pooja and not leave it. Bangalore Hari had brought silver padukas & Periyaval's parents photo. Sri Chandra put the padukas on His feet, & gave the photo to Him, but he could not recognise. Then I helped Him in removing the reading glass & putting the regular glass on Him. HE saw the photo & kept it close to Him.
Then He asked about the padukas, I told that it was on His feet. The feet were free till then, once He knew about the padukas on His feet, He locked it so tightly that nobody could remove unless He himself removes.

Bangalore Hari wanted to take leave of Him, so He removed the padukas & gave them to Bangalore Hari, & the photo was also given to him. These were taken & installed at Echangudi (His birth place)

Jayendra swamiji came back after pooja & wanted to take leave as he & vijayendra swamiji had to attend a Hindu mission meeting at Chennai. As Periyaval was very normal, they took permission & left.

Then we gave bath to Him & made Him sit in the easychair, so that He can give darshan. As that day was Anusham, pradosham Mama, his wife and mecheri pattu shastrigal came with the Anusham prasadam. Periyaval sprinkled the theertham himself & had the raksha on His forehead. He enquired about the sankarajayanti celebration, etc. to Pattu shastrigal & blessed them very nicely.
With satisfaction pradosham Mama and pattu shastrigal left the math.

As it was Dwadashi, Periyaval ate well. He asked each & every item & relished the food, which was prepared by me & Srikantan
(Payasam, Badam halwa, Rae banana idly). As soon as He finished His food, He was desperate to attend the nature's call. We tried to carry Him - Vaitha mama & Arakkonam Balu held each of His legs & Balu His shoulder. As they wanted to make Him sit, He just kicked His leg. All the 3 fell down.
That was the time His soul departed His body. Dr Bhaskar told them to make Periyaval lay down. The other doctors came & checked and confirmed His attaining sidhi.
We all could not control ourselves but everybody asked us not to cry, because He was Parameshwaran.
Then Jayendra swamiji & vijayendra swamiji came back after hearing the news.
Jayendra swamiji could not control, he fell on HIS feet & cried. No body could control him, so we left him with Perival for about 1/2 hr.
Then Vijayendra swamiji came, consoled him & took him to his room.

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Pattu shastrigal reached Chennai, an auto driver gave him the news about Perival. He got very angry & slapped him because he had just seen Periyaval & came back.
But as he reached home he came to know the fact. Immediately he along with his family drove back to Kancheepuram.

Sea of people thronged to Kancheepuram to have His last darshan. People from all walks of religions thronged. The Muslims performed Namaz, the Christians brought wreaths for Periyaval.

There is not a bit of doubt that He is not the Lord Parameshwaran - the last rites were performed during the Pradosha kalam, Dwadashi, Anusham, Krishna paksham, utharayana punya Kalam."

As told by Kumaresan mama.