GAYA SRADHA: It is the duty of the son to perform the sradha for the departed parents. It is very important , that once atleast, it should be performed in Gaya. A gaya sratha is said to do good to the ancesters foe several generations , ancesters for whom funeral rites had not been performed , or those who left no male issue, or those who lost their lives at a time and place not known to their relatives.

All those are benefitted by the gaya sratha and also all deceased persons on the mother's side on the wife "s side those of friends and relatives are pleased by such sratha.At Gaya the sradha is performed in three different places namely at the bank of Palguni, Vishnu padham and Akshayavadam.Those who can afford should perform sratha at 48 different places at Gaya.

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Failure to perform sratha as mentioned above incurs the displeasure of ancesters and will result in difficulties, If it is performed in the proper manner with faith,one gets longevity, gains wisdom,wealth, a good family and other worldly affairs.