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Dasakam: 065 -- Slokam: 06

काचित् कुचे पुनरसज्जितकञ्चुलीका
व्यामोहत: परवधूभिरलक्ष्यमाणा ।
त्वामाययौ निरुपमप्रणयातिभार-
राज्याभिषेकविधये कलशीधरेव ॥६॥

Another, in her excitement, forgetting to cover her breasts with any garment, but notnoticed by the other women, who were equally excited, approached Thee, as though It was as if she was weighed down by the unparalleled intense love she carried as water pitchers as breasts for the celebration of Thy coronation in the kingdom of love.