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thanks, you have adequately clarified my doubts with respect to kuzhi tharpanam.
1. I need to only give / mention name of deceased chitappa and gothram, no one else name to be taken. have adiyen understood properly?
2. while changing sacred thread on 11 th day, yagyopavidham mandram to be performed
3. kindly correct me if adiyen is making a mistake.
4. when can adiyen go to temple? Adiyen perform seva 3 days at tirumala once in three months(last week oct 2017 to first week of nov 2017) , should adiyen not perform in the present circumstances?
5. Can I chant bhagvad gita during these ten dys of theetu ?
Swamin, you possess lot of patience to answer even the trivial questions some repeated too often.

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Answering in the reverse order!
Your Last line comment: Even if you not mention this, also will get the reply, otherwise no meaning of running this forum?!
5. No, you can not chant any sacred text / sloka during theetu.
4. You can go to temple from 12th day onwards. There is different opinion about having dharshan at Thirumala, mine is Yes can go.
2. Yes.
1. Yes.