It is stated that a lunar month is about 27.3 days ie. a lunar year is 328 days and for shastric rituals we take lunar calculations. Also it is said that the garbhavasam of one year (2 months in father and one month in the monther) is added for arriving the age for rituals.
My brother would be completing his 89th year (English) this 26th september. In other words 90th year adding the garbhavasam. This amounts to 32872 days (365 x 90= 32850 + 22 days for 22 leap years). In other words, 100.2 lunar years (32782 divided by 328). Should my brother be treated as lived the 'veda pirayam nooru' and get kanakabhishekam?
Govindakrishnan Alagar

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