Dear Members,
I don't know how many of you from Chennai,
and how many of you aware of this,
if anybody know something to get out of this critical situation let me know at the earliest.

We are started our individual house construction near Porur behind Ramachandra hospital
the name of the village is "Thundalam".
We have purchased the plot with the approved drawing, but we have not noticed
the approval date is expired by the month of November 2011.
Still we have to complete the construction, it will take another three months.

Now, the village is included in the Chennai Corporation and today I came to understand
some people came to the site and asked for the approval drawings.

One of my son's friend is telling that the corporation people will demolish the constructed building
if you are not able to show the approval, so, now we are in trouble.

What is the next step?
Whom we have to approach?
Is there a way to solve it legally without corruption?

I request all members to kindly help if possible.
Kindly inform any of your relatives or friends in a position to help me in this regard.
Awaiting for best possible solution at the earliest.
Thanks in advance,