Dasakam: 069 -- Slokam: 06

स्विन्नसन्नतनुवल्लरी तदनु कापि नाम पशुपाङ्गना
कान्तमंसमवलम्बते स्म तव तान्तिभारमुकुलेक्षणा ॥
काचिदाचलितकुन्तला नवपटीरसारघनसौरभं
वञ्चनेन तव सञ्चुचुम्ब भुजमञ्चितोरुपुलकाङ्कुरा ॥६॥

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One of the damsels, whose slender, creeper-like body was exhausted and perspiring, and whose eyes were half-closed due to fatigue, leaned on Thy lovely shoulder. Another, with locks disheveled and hairs standing on end all over her body due to the sprouting thrill of joy, profusely kissed Thy arm, which was fragrant with fresh sandal paste, on the pretext of smelling it.