My Father's Birth &Death Star is Rohini. He was a Sanskrit Scholar.Associated with an Ashram .His brothers had Samadhi, being Sanyasi. He could not follow that line. His wish before death was to be cremated in a Kallara. But Kallara couldn't be maintained , the people suggested alternative. We opted to have a parayan and Annadanam every Rohini Star date at the Asram, where his brothers took Samadhi and resting.Due administative problem and pre_agreed engagement of of present Swami in the Ashram, we unable to perform the promise in the same day every year. Please suggest an alternate Star date of Rohini. Is Anujanma Star of Rohini(A tham)is suitable.Or suggest an Alternate Star date to Rohini. My Father was a full time Vegetarian, died at the age of ground 102 years on the Vishu day morning.

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