Dasakam: 069 -- Slokam: 09

मोदसीम्नि भुवनं विलाप्य विहृतिं समाप्य च ततो विभो
केलिसम्मृदितनिर्मलाङ्गनवघर्मलेशसुभगात्मनाम् ।
मन्मथासहनचेतसां पशुपयोषितां सुकृतचोदित-
स्तावदाकलितमूर्तिरादधिथ मारवीरपरमोत्सवान् ॥९॥

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The world was engulfed in the highest bliss as the Raas Dance ended. After that ,Oh Lord you blessed the entire world with a great joyous state, And also stopped the love sports and those beautiful Gopis ,Who were more pretty due to their body being covered with sweat ,Due to the great effort involved in the dance sport of Rasa Kreeda,And whose mind was not able to tolerate their demands of passion, Thou assumed as many forms as they were in number and performed an amorously great festivity.