Dasakam: 071 -- Slokam: 02

गन्धर्वतामेष गतोऽपि रूक्षैर्नादै: समुद्वेजितसर्वलोक: ।
भवद्विलोकावधि गोपवाटीं प्रमर्द्य पाप: पुनरापतत्त्वाम् ॥२॥

This wicked Asura, even though he had assumed the form of a Gandharva frightened all the worlds with his fierce voices. Thee saw the demon Keshi the Horse and went straight to a whinnying Keshi and took the fighting posture. Until he set sight on Thee, the evil one distructed Gokula and then rushed to attack Thee.

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