Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 01

कंसोऽथ नारदगिरा व्रजवासिनं त्वा-
माकर्ण्य दीर्णहृदय: स हि गान्दिनेयम् ।
आहूय कार्मुकमखच्छलतो भवन्त-
मानेतुमेनमहिनोदहिनाथशायिन् ॥१॥

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Then when Kansa came to know from Naarada that, Thou, O Lord! Resting on the serpent king! Were residing in Vraja, his heart was full of fear. He called for Akrura, the son of Gaandini, and sent him for Thee under the pretext of inviting Thee to witness Dhanur-Yagna festival.